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Beware! Driving without licence to cost Rs2000 in Lahore

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LAHORE: With an aim to discourage violations of traffic laws in the city, the Lahore traffic police have decided to launch action against those driving without licence, ARY News reported on Sunday.

According to the Chief Traffic Police Officer (CTO) Asad Malhi warning the citizens said driving without a valid driving licence in Lahore will cost a fine of Rs2000. He said DHA and Irfa Karim Driving Licence Centres will remain today till 4 pm to facilitate the citizens in getting their licnecnes.

He further said that Smart Licencing Centre Manwa will remain open 24/7 for the facility of the masses to save themselves from fines.

Last year, the cabinet committee for traffic in Lahore city approved the traffic police-proposed hike in traffic violation fines to discourage reckless driving and incidence of accidents, said sources.

Punjab’s law minister Raja Basharat headed the session which approved the amendment which means those found over-speeding, not wearing helmets, or violating lane rules will be liable to pay more in challan fees.

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