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‘Unsafe for me and kids’: Candice Warner faces ‘Vile Abuse’ at Adelaide Oval


ADELAIDE: Candice Warner, wife of David Warner – former skipper of the Australian Cricket Team – faced ‘vile abuse’ at the hands of some unruly fans at the Adelaide Oval here.

Candice, who hosts a local radio show in the country with co-hosts Harley Breen and Tom Tiley, opened up on the terrifying incident she and her girls, Ivy and Indy, faced at the second test match of the national team against West Indies.

Sharing the ordeal, Candice revealed how a group of wild fans attacked her and girls with vile abuses at the match last week, and why she decided to confront the men.

“Saturday afternoon at Adelaide Oval, just before the lunch break, the girls wanted to see their dad, so we went from one area of Adelaide Oval to the other. It was probably about 200m,” the cricketer’s wife recalled.

She added, “In that time, I had two of my three daughters, my 8-year-old and my 3-year-old, we were walking hand-in-hand.”

“As we’re walking past a huge group of people, it was a group of five or six men who just started throwing vile abuse at me. I continued to walk and then I just stopped and I looked around at this group of men and it was one guy in particular,” Candice detailed.

“And they were laughing and they were pointing. And they thought what they did was okay.”

“So I decided to confront them. I didn’t have to, but with my girls in my hands, I thought it was really important to confront them because for us, my actions need to mirror the messages I give to my kids.”

“So I confronted them and like any group of men who have been drinking, they were weak, they were gutless, they didn’t own up to what they did and the man who was actually yelling this abuse was hiding behind his friend.”

Furthermore, Candice expressed her disappointment over the fact that those men thought the whole situation was funny and didn’t brave to own their mistake.

Moreover, the former ironwoman was disheartened to see that not a single person from ‘packed stadium’ bothered to come to their assistance as they saw her and the kids being bullied.

“The sad thing is that in a time when we’re trying to encourage more women, more girls to participate in sport, to attend sport, that I’m now starting to feel like it’s not safe for me and my kids to attend sport and support their father,” she concluded.

When further questioned if the men apologised upon being confronted, Candice refused, however, mentioned that one of those men from the group DMed her on Instagram.

“I didn’t say anything, but I also didn’t speak out so I’m very sorry about that and I’m sorry he said what he said. I know this won’t make up for anything but I just wanted to say sorry,” she read the message.

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